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Frequently Asked Questions.

what’s this?
bitcoinhyper is a new investment fund that was created from a combination of financial professionals talent with the skills of the former managing directors of the corporation. We have experience in managing large sums of money

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Chck This > b198c8d267a0840436bfb076ac0e6ca1ede09d12


How does it work?

You send any Bitcoin amount min 0.001 to the address shown above. After that you start receiving payments every hour. First payment is sent immediately after one confirmation of your deposit. You get 100 payments each 2.5% of your deposit, so you make 100% profit. Payments are processed only on business days, Monday through Friday. 
What if I send a payment on Saturday or Sunday?
You will receive your first payout after the first confirmation, but all the other payouts will be sent starting from next Monday. 

How do I send you Bitcoin?
We have to know your return address to send payments to, so please don’t use shared wallets. wallet is fine. Also any desktop Bitcoin client will do. If you don’t get payments contact support through our twitter immediately. 

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its easy copy  you Hash 160 trx address and Hash 160 your  affiliate send message [bonus] [address btc] [Hash 160] to [] we send instant to your bitcoin.

Can I reinvest? 
Sure, all your deposits are independent, you get paid for each of them. 
How can I track payments? 
All Bitcoin payments are public. You can track the payments to our address through Blockchain
How do you make money? 
We are a team of pump and dumpers, making money on pushing certain altcoins. 
Can you give me a trading tip?
Yes if you deposit more that 10 BTC. 

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